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Explore Life on the Bright Side with...


"There's a bright side to every situation.
Let me help you find yours!"

Dr. Shalonda K. Crawford, Psy.D.


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Walking on Sunshine!

Vibrant. Motivational. Relevant. Unobstructed.

Like a vibrant beam of light, Shalonda K. Crawford, who is aptly known as Dr. Sunshine, naturally permeates the hearts and minds of those she encounters. Her genuine and original approaches to every person she encounters leaves those in her presence at ease.


As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Sunshine is adept in exploring deep seeded issues and identifying the silver lining.  Her compassion for others and desire to affect positive change in her community sparks initiatives and has the potential to affect a global transformation in the way that people view mental health. 


Currently, the African American and other minority communities view mental health in a daunting and negative light. Being from and reared in the African American community, she is well versed in the nuanced issues within it. Dr. Sunshine is passionate in her pursuit to break down the stereotypical and stigmatic walls that prevent us from living our absolute best lives. 


Dr. Sunshine’s radiant and upbeat demeanor exudes positivity and is why she is able to help others find cheerfulness and hope in otherwise dire and distressing situations. Dr. Sunshine certainly has the knack for presenting the ‘bright side’ of life.


Time For Some Peace of Mind

When life gets a little hectic, it's always good to steal away a moment to refuel and energize your mind. Now's the time to grab a cup of coffee and unwind with a few helpful tips to assist your daily grind. 

Curious Questions

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How Long is a Typical

Therapy Session?

What Types of Services Do You Offer?

Are My Sessions Confidential?

Therapy sessions are typically scheduled for 50 minutes but may be adjusted as clinically indicated.

Individual adults, teens and children sessions are offered to address a variety of issues and concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse as well as Christian counseling and spiritual guidance.

What is said in therapy stays in therapy… for the most part. There are a few legally obligated reasons for a therapist to break confidentiality which include:

  1. Harm to self, therapist or others. 

  2. Danger to an older adult or child under the age of 18. 

  3. A health or medical emergency during session. 

  4. Court subpoena.


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