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Healing From Abuse

10 Tips to Consider

1. ADMIT: Accept and admit that it has or is happening.

2. REMOVE: Cut off contact with the abuser.

3. TRUST: Stay in touch and talk to other trusted people in your life; particularly your significant other if possible/healthy.

4. POSITIVITY: Tap into the positive energy around you. Challenge negative self-talk by speaking affirmations and acknowledging positive thoughts and experiences.

5. HONOR: Honor yourself. Reflect. Write down your accomplishments, accolades and worthy attributes.

6. DO: Remember and actually DO the things that you love to do. This is a wonderful way to curb feelings of depression.

7. PATIENCE: Be patient with yourself. Healing is a process that doesn’t occur over night.

8. FORGIVE: Make the decision and begin the process of forgiveness of the perpetrator AND yourself!

9. SEEK: Seek additional professional help immediately, if/when you need it.

10. SUPPORT: Find a support group. Like minds and experiences are always a helpful way to process your feelings, experiences and learning while navigating towards the healing.


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