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Sadness vs Depression

There’s a difference between sadness and depression and it’s not uncommon to confuse the two. Sometimes when we’re sad people may overexaggerate the symptoms or mood and label it as depressed. While on the other hand, we may be depressed, and it’s blown of as mere sadness. Well, here are 4 ways to tell the difference between sadness and depression.

1. Sadness is temporary and short-lived. Depression is persistent and lasts much longer.

Sadness fades with time and even during periods of sadness you can still laugh, reminisce with a friend about the ‘good ole’ days’ or enjoy your favorite song. Depression lingers for most of the day for at least 2 days a week. “Snapping out of it” is not an option.

2. Sadness is a feeling. Depression is a mental illness.

Sadness is a basic emotion that comes along with being human. Depression zaps you of energy, motivation and things you once loved to do.

3. Sadness is a reaction. Depression is an abnormal state.

Sadness is a normal response to an unfortunate or regretful experience. If you find yourself depressed after a specific event, the event in and of itself was likely the trigger and not the deeper cause.

4. Sadness is subjective. Depression is diagnosed.

YOU decide if you’re sad and no one else can deny you of it. As opposed to depression, which has specific criteria and requires a professional diagnosis.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a period of sadness, it’s okay. Join the rest of us who at times share the same or similar feelings. Embrace your feelings, own them and accept them as part of being human. If you believe that you or someone know is suffering from the deeper issue of depression, reach out to a professional for more help and advice on how to further support. In either instance, I can help! For more information or to book a consultation, feel free to email: info@lifebrightnow.


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