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"Every experience is preparation for an experience to come!"
~Shalonda K. Crawford, PsyD


Like a vibrant beam of light, Shalonda K. Crawford, who is aptly known as Dr. Sunshine, approaches the issues we face today with an open mind and a compassionate heart. Her genuine concern and positive energy allow her to permeate the hearts and minds of those she encounters.

With 6 professional degrees in tow, Dr. Crawford is always committed to doing her best. As a licensed psychologist in the state of California, Dr. Crawford is adept in exploring deep-seeded issues and identifying the silver lining.  As the host of, “The Dr. Sunshine Show” on KBLA Talk 1580 AM, she is doing therapy with the world. There, she tackles the task of eliminating mental health stereotypes and the negative stigma attached to it in our communities. Dr. Sunshine speaks at various events and on expert panels as well as appearing on several television shows including, VH1’s Love & Listings, All Black’s Notorious Queens, Fox Soul’s Chatter & The Tammi Mac Show, REELZ America’s Most Evil, ABC7, KTLA Morning Show, and Steve Harvey’s ‘Steve On Watch’ show, her compassion for others and her desire to affect positive change in the community sparks initiatives and has the potential to affect a global transformation in the way that people view mental health. 

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Dr. Sunshine is resolute in her efforts regarding the state of our nation and the unrest that the Black and other minority communities feel. She is equally active in the pursuit to break down the stereotypical and stigmatic walls that prevent us from living our absolute best lives. 

In addition to her own private practice, Dr. Sunshine is currently the Clinic Manager at a community mental health clinic in East Los Angeles, Dr. Crawford has also worked with women as a psychotherapist in the Los Angeles County Century Regional Detention Center, downtown at Men’s Central/Twin Towers jail and other local institutions throughout Los Angeles. She has worked with children and their families, as well as with adults who are managing various mental illnesses while making their way back into the workplace. She is also a spiritual advisor who works to integrate spirituality and psychotherapy to eradicate the stigma associated with Christians seeking counseling for various mental health conditions including chronic depression, anxiety, abuse and trauma.

Her concern for the health and the wellbeing of others goes beyond the realms of mental health to include physical health as well.  Dr. Crawford is the co-chair for the First Ladies Health Initiative providing free health screening and resources to those in communities disproportionately affected throughout the Los Angeles area. She is currently a committee member of Aids Healthcare Foundation’s, BLACC Faith where she has accepted the responsibility of raising awareness to the rise of new HIV/AIDS cases in the community. She speaks on behalf of the foundation to encourage testing, prevention, and treatment for those directly and indirectly infected.  

Dr. Crawford is a wife, a mother, and co-pastor alongside her husband, Pastor Shep Crawford of The Experience Christian Ministries (ECM), a progressive and fast-growing church located in South Los Angeles. She is also the founder of “Women Breaking Free” a popular annual women’s conference in Los Angeles, now in its 7th year.

Dr. Crawford’s vast and broad experience providing psychotherapy and guidance for a widely diverse clientele has made her one of the most highly sought-after psychologists of our time.

              IG: @thedrsunshine                            FB:   thedrsunshine

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