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Dating... Signs That It Just Won't Work

Dr. Shalonda K. Crawford, PsyD

So, you’ve just started dating someone new. You’re open and up for a long-term commitment but not interested in wasting time with someone who may not be a viable candidate to begin with. After all, he may be a good guy, just not good for you. Here’s a quick checklist that may be helpful in saving time and investing emotions in a relationship that may quickly be heading nowhere.

~You are not the priority. They’re too busy with everything but you.

~You feel like you’re not enough.

~You can’t be your true and authentic self with and/or around them.

~They’re a liar.

~You don’t trust them.

~They show no signs of future potential in the things that are important to you.

~You have no real connection.

~You don’t have much (including core values) in common.

~They’ve flat out told you there’s no interest in a comitted relationship.

Remember, things always seem great in the beginning. Keep in mind, as good as it may feel at the start, be mindful of your long haul and the things that matter most for you in a partner moving forward.

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